JUDr. Karol Hrádela

Pod Beránkou 1
160 00 Prague 6 - Dejvice district

tel.: +420 224 390 311
fax: +420 224 390 312
e-mail: akhradela@akhradela.cz

JUDr. Hrádela’s Law Firm was founded in July 1990, in the first month of the first year of the existence of independent attorney profession. It belongs among the oldest law firms in the Czech Republic. JUDr. Karol Hrádela is the founder of the Law Firm.

The fundamental principle of the Law Firm is to provide comprehensive legal services in one place for the needs of clients especially from the business milieu. This is the reason why there are not only attorneys working in the offices of the Law Firm, but also persons who may not be members of the Law Firm, especially tax and economic advisors and consultants. The Law Firm is thereby able to offer all legal services according to the entrepreneurs’ needs as early as at the stage of contemplating the launch of their business activity or formation or acquisition of a company in the Czech Republic. The Law Firm thus not only provides the initial legal and economic due diligence, but renders also subsequent comprehensive legal services for such entrepreneurs targeted at review of the contemplated transaction and improvement of the client’s knowledge of the situation of the company he/she wants to invest in, of the investment opportunities in the said place (research at Building Offices, Real Estates Cadastres etc.). Such due diligence is performed, in case the client is interested, also subsequently with the aim of reviewing the conduct of the management of the company and preventing eventual complications.

In order to meet the requirement of comprehensive legal services, the Law Firm cooperates also with other external experts, for instance: certified experts, court executors, interpreters, translators, patent consultants.

The Law Firm' s offices are located within walking distance from the Hradčanská metro station (in the vicinity of the Prague Castle) just between the diplomatic and the residential quarters, in two storeys of a building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The Law Firm has all the necessary technical support, including its own 100m archive directly in the seat of the Law Firm. The clients have at their disposal parking places reserved for the Law Firm.

Clients of the Law Firm include both domestic and foreign natural persons and companies who appreciate individual approach to the resolution of their cases and expect services tailored to their needs. The Law Firm can employ the experience of a team of its members both in solving petty issues and in administering multi-billion assets, assistance in crisis situations, including criminal law issues etc.

Supply of services is governed by laws and regulations on advocacy, especially Act No. 85/1996 Coll., on Advocacy, and further by professional regulations issued by the Czech Bar Association. The Law Firm of JUDr. Karol Hrádela insists on strict observance of the Professional Ethics and Lawyers Competition Regulations issued by the Czech Bar Association. The fundamental duties of an attorney include the obligation of confidentiality which covers every piece of information that comes to the knowledge of the attorney in relation to the supply of his/her services. This obligation also binds all employees of the attorney.

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